Selected Linkology ...
and most of these have other links to other sights with other links, ad infinitum (almost), so in case I overlooked anyone,
you are probably represented somewhere. All links tested and working as of June 2010 unless noted.

University Of Errors Links


MySpace :

Cuneiform Records

Voiceprint Records

Google Search Engine Links

Gong Links

Gong Appreciation Society
all the latest news. history, forum, chat, SHOP (best way to support the Gong Family artists),
join the mailing list: monthly Gong Bongs of Tour Dates, New Releases, etc.

Headmaster Daevid Allen :

Philmfreaks Gong Page

Didier Malherbe Homepage

Gilli Smyth Homepage

Theo Travis Homepage

Canterbury Sights

Calyx: The Canterbury Websight:
the best--join the mailing list, keep informed with monthly newsletter

Collapso: Japanese Canterbury Sight:

Why Are We Sleeping?: Kevin Ayers Sight

Age Projects Soft Machine sight: .

Bands and artists we have shared gigs with
(and hope to again)

Marianne Nowottny


Malcolm Mooney & The Tenth Planet
Shared the bill at our first gig on St. Pats Day 1999
--- couldn't find a link, see

Electric Prunes

Friends of the University

Thomas Anfield -- cover artist for forthcoming D.A.'s UofE Play The
Soft Machine, Live in Amsterdam

Mia Hanson, and her Photographs, unique mood

Hawk Alfredson, Swedish Painter

Wilco Botermans, Dutch Musician (did photographs too)

Jack Wilson, Cyberpixie and photographer

Matt Howarth

Online Mags That Have Been Nice To Us

Aural Innovations

Perfect Sound Forever


Jurriann Hage's Axiom Of Choice

Alternative Music Resources

Gibralter Progressive Rock Encyclopedia
great resource

Bay Prog


Professor Luc Pilmeyer a.k.a Sobek (webmaster)
Drawings - Webvideos - Animations - Chat - News - GONG pages
and contact at
Albert Marcoeur - French Musician
often airplayed when Daevid was the radio DJ....


...and now for something completely useful

Non-Motorized Transportation

Personal World Clock